Courses designed to provide continuing professional education in order to maintain your Contractors License.

Provides all 14 required hours needed for your State Certified or County Registered Electrical Contractors license renewal including 7 hours Technical [7 hour Building & Renovation Using Zero Energy & Green Technlogies (#0800536)]; 1 hour Workers Compensation [1 hour F.S.440 (#0007841)]; 1 hour Laws/ Rules [1 hour FL ECLB Laws & Rules (#0801448)]; 1 hour Workplace Safety [1 hour Managing Safety Exposures (#0800116)]; 1 hour Business Practice [Principles of Business & Risk Management (#0800111)]; 1 hour Advanced [1 hour FBC, EC 2014 (#0801548)]; 1 hour Business Practice [1 hour Internet Basics (#0801083)]; 1 hour Business Practice [1 hour Digital Documentation (#0801084)] - PLEASE NOTE: This 14 hour package doe NOT include the 2 hour False Alarm Prevention requirement for Alarm Contractors and Unlimited Electrical Contractors specializing in alarm system installations.

This course will provide construction and electrical contractors, inspectors, and industry professionals with an overview of digital photography as it specifically relates to documenting contracting projects.

This course is designed to give electrical contractors an overview of ampacity with an emphasis on actually using the National Electrical Code in the field and interpreting applicable tables and provisions as it relates in residential and commercial applications.